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Travis Paino

Travis Paino is a licensed Florida Realtor that has been with Blue Realty since day one, He is a South Florida native and has a background in real estate investments. Before becoming a licensed Realtor, Travis was working with investors, buying and rehabbing homes that needed major renovations and successfully selling them above market value.


Today, he brings those same proven methods to his clients, helping them buy and sell like a pro. Travis' primary focus is to not only bring more value to his clients but also make sure every client has all the knowledge and tools to make the best possible decisions.


Buyers find his intimate knowledge of the market and a keen eye for detail crucial to finding the right home and making the best choice. Sellers also benefit greatly by using his proven methods to sell faster and for more money than other homes on the market.


Contact Travis to get more value out of your next real estate endeavor!

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Contact Travis

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