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Robert Jerome

Beginning his real estate career at the young age of 19, Robert is a seasoned real estate consultant with 21 years in the industry. Robert came out of the gates as a rookie on fire quickly becoming a top agent with national rankings. 

After succeeding in sales for so many years, Robert was recruited to become the Vice President of a multi office real estate operation overseeing more than 500 real estate professionals. He operated as a coach, trainer, mentor, and top recruiter in the industry.

Many years later after more than doubling that company in size, Robert decided to return to his roots and re-entered sales. Quickly, Robert once again joined the top 1% of Realtors nationwide.

Currently he runs The Michael Longo Team, one of the highest selling real estate entities in South Florida. 

Robert's focus has always been on client satisfaction, making sure that all client needs are handled with attentiveness and precision.  

He's a dedicated father of two young beautiful girls that are his primary motivation for getting up every day and working so hard.

Robert Jerome is an unbelievable Real Estate Professional and even more incredible father.

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