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Kori Bazal

Kori Bazal was born in Brooklyn, New York, and moved to Florida at the age of 2. She began her career in fashion and realized early on that she had a passion for building and design. While raising two children, she built a local commercial construction company. Having an entrepreneurial mind and a thirst for knowledge, she went on to become a licensed real estate appraiser and fell in love with the residential aspect of real estate. She has been able to acquire, design, and sell real estate by leveraging her design experience, valuation skills, and long-term relationships built over the course of almost two decades.


Kori has a track record of having a strong work ethic and a true passion for her business. Specializing in all facets of the real estate business, whether it be navigating the way for first-time homebuyers or getting a seller top dollar for their luxury home. She has experienced it all. 


Outside of real estate, Kori takes pride in giving back to the community. You will often find her delivering food to a mother in need, raising money for a struggling family, helping seniors, or simply re-homing a pet.

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