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 Jesse Jeffers

Since 2020, Jesse has dedicated his life to the real estate industry.  He spent the very beginning of his career in the military and sales jobs which has served him tremendously with his clients.  His passion for client service is truly inspiring as Jesse has made it his mission to provide such an amazing experience for his clients buying or selling their home that they have the confidence and comfort required to refer him to their friends and family members who are also looking to make a move.

Jesse has served in the Arkansas Air National Guard for 6 years. His passion is service to his country, and community. Jesse preaches the Air Force Core Values “Integrity First, Service Before Self, and  Excellence in all we do” daily through his business and personal interactions.

When interviewed about his philosophy on client service and helping families get their home sold, he said, “ I believe that the process of moving can be one of the biggest transitions we’ll make in our lives and it’ something I don't take lightly.  I am 100% focused on getting the most money for my client's home all the while ensuring they have a world-class experience throughout the entire process.”

Jesse  continues to build his business as a Top Agent, and his firm has been designed to help homeowners maximize their equity when selling their home.  With his emphasis on marketing, leadership, and commitment to client service, Jesse believes he has only just begun. His goal is to provide the very best options to consumers who are thinking of selling their home by focusing on three things; selling the home for the highest price; ensuring clients walk away with the most money in their pocket; and providing an experience that is superior to anything else available in the marketplace.

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